referral program

After realizing so much more impact I can have with financial literacy for the other 99%, I realized how much I wanted to be able to help current and future clients finance their work with me and pay it forward, so we could see our community of the financially curious grow. I've launched a referral program to repay kindness of new and existing clients by bringing along their friends to be new clients.

Drinks on me? Sure. Kind of.

You can either get cash or a credit

I have been given incredible generosity and kindness on my journey, and it's my time to give it back.


For every referral you send my way, you will get 10% of commission of the coaching service they sign up for. No cap. It could be 10% of a $500 deep dive session or 10% of a $4,800 9-month coaching package. It is my thanks to you because I appreciate you immensely.

You read that right. You either get 10% back in cash (I'll pay you through Zelle or Venmo within 7 days of their deposit being paid) or 10% back in a credit for services with me.

You refer me a financial literacy client who wants to sign up for a 9-month coaching package. Let's say that they sign up for a $4,800 package. Then you can either get $480 cash or a $480 credit towards your coaching engagement with me. You can save up referral money so you can help pay off your debt, begin investing, or whatever else you may possibly need to grow yourself an asset. 

i have a referral for you!

frequently asked questions

You may be wondering...

How soon will I get paid?

What if my credit doesn't cover the service from you I want?

How will I get paid?

Do I have to be a current client?

Do credits expire?

How many referrals can I send you?

What counts as a referral?

How do I get started?

You will get paid within 7 days of the referral paying their deposit. That's right, I don't even make you wait until their coaching services are over. It will happen right when they sign-up with me. Awesome, right?

You can either continue to save your credits until it is enough, or you can pay the remaining amount from pocket. For example, say you want a deep dive financial emergency session that equals $500 and your credit from the referral is $480. You would just pay the remaining $20 on your project like normal. This credit is like a gift card on a purchase and if you spend more, you pay the difference, or accumulate credits from multiple referrals to cover your services. You just need to have the full amount already accumulated as credits are not given for PROMISES to refer.

Absolutely not. This referral program is open and available to absolutely anyone (including other financial professionals!)

No, you can continue to save and build them. They don't expire. I'll send you an e-certificate for your credit after the referral is given so you can keep it forever if you choose not to receive cash.

The sky is the limit. Send me as many as you can and continue to accumulate credit $$$.

Anyone who comes my way and mentions your name. Facebook tags in entrepreneurial groups are excluded as if more than one person tags me it is unfair to decide who receives payment.

Click the "I have a referral for you!" button and I will be in touch. Thank you for your support!

I will send you Payment through Zelle or Venmo.

i have a referral for you!