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VIP Experience on ZOOM or in person in Manhattan Beach/select locations in Los Angeles, CA

to shift your relationship with money, you have to shift your relationship with         

You have money.
You make money.
You love money.
And clearly, money loves you.
But you still feel a little insecure.
Your wheelhouse is over here.
You don't know money.
You want to understand it, though.

For you to have the necessary container for what will be your financial freedom, you need to pull forth the emotions and clarity for the vessel that you want to embody it. 

That's YOU. You're the vessel.
You don't have 3 months or a year or 20 years to learn what you need to know.
You need it now. Yesterday, if we're being honest.


That's where I come in!

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i can help you gain:

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  • clarity on the life you visualize for your future, your short-term and long-term goals, and the tools you'll need to quantum leap to your next financial level
  • transparency of next steps given your unique goals, and important moves to get you there in the immediate-, medium-, and long-term
  • the practical know-how and mindset hacks tailored to your situation to amplify your financial transformation
  • confidence that comes with knowing where you are, where you're going, and how you're going to get there, navigating uncertainty like a champ

what others have to say...

Is this VIP Day Experience for you?

You're ready to take responsibility for your own learning and develop your financial literacy to implement steps to build and sustain wealth and abundance

You know real world success is a reflection of your inner environment, and that financial abundance is driven by practicality, mindset, and emotional intelligence

You've been meaning to get your financial house in order but have insane amounts of resistance (procrastinating, avoiding, doing all the other shiny objects and more fun things on your to-do list)

You know time is money and the sooner you begin your transformation, the sooner the wealth will magnetize itself to you

OR - You're an entrepreneur who doesn't have a CFO and needs a high level financial strategist with over 20 years of industry experience who can get in the weeds with you

You've had a recent change in life events and aren't sure what to do next to financially prepare for it 

You've never grabbed the bull by the balls when it comes to adulting around your finances and it's about damn time you showed up for yourself so you can create the reality of your dreams


Get your sh!t together Financial vip day




Your     experience includes:


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*Once you purchase your option, you'll receive a confirmation email with a link to schedule your 90-minute Pre-Requisite Event

(*NOTE: if in-person, conference room/meeting place and meals are included, but you're responsible for your travel and accommodations)

  • (1) 90-minute virtual Zoom meeting together to blend inner work on emotions and mindset around your relationship with money with practical financial and business knowledge to help you plan for your bright future:
Visions & Values: Time to slow down,      comfortable, breathe, center yourself, and picture your future through a guided visualization
Goal Identification: Consider your portfolio of interests to highlight your top 3 short- and long-term goals in life, which will prioritize the financial moves you need to make next
Financial Snapshot Template: Have your financial homework done in advance of our time together while we review together the handy template I have for you to create a personal/business balance sheet and income statement in excel/google sheet to facilitate our VIP Day Experience + time to complete the template so we can stand in today and focus on the future in our time together
  • Our Agenda: In 5 hours on Zoom or in-person: (with breaks as needed), we will cover foundational pillars as they relate to your moves for your top 3 short- and long-term goals in:
Money 101 - an introduction to financial literacy and why it's important, when to do it, what to focus on
Emotions Around Money
Budgeting - both revenues and expenses
Credit Scores
Debt Management
Retirement Planning
Estate Planning
Insurance Planning
Implementation Audit & Embodiment Plan - how do we make these new changes to habits and lifestyle to reach your financial goals sustainable?

  • (1) 30-minute virtual Zoom connection for coaching and questions
  • 30 days of post-VIP Day Experience "implementation support" via Voxer app
Virtual (Zoom)
Pre-Party, VIP Day, and Post-Party:

Live (In-Person)
Pre-Party, VIP Day, and Post-Party:
$8,500 (Location TBD)

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I was born and raised in Silicon Valley during the 80's dot com boom. I received the briefest of education around financial literacy when, in 5th grade, a guest speaker from a bank came to our class and taught us about bank accounts, and how to write checks. Already excelling at math in AP Algebra and Geometry in high school, I sought out opportunities to be Treasurer in my extracurriculars whenever it was available. I double majored in finance and accounting in college, while opening and running a bookkeeping service with a full course load. After graduating magna cum laude from my college, I went on to work at one of the Big 4 accounting firms for approximately 12 years in total, spanning the San Francisco, CA and Sydney, Australia offices. I left public accounting for the private sector to work with a boutique asset manager in Seattle, a vertically integrated real estate and private lending firm in Redondo Beach, and currently serve as VP of Fund Accounting and Finance at an LA-based private equity asset management firm while owning/operating Fan Your Flame at the same time.

I've experienced countless life events and financial situations in my over 20 years in the financial services industry and after a life-altering loss of my mother, realized I wanted more from life. I wanted to have real impact, be of service, contribute, and help others who could benefit from my specific skill set. I became certified in mindset work rooted in neuroscience and metacognition. I blend my practical business and financial knowledge with trauma-informed "inner" mindset work to empower my clients, entrepreneurs, and marginalized communities to achieve goals of financial independence, transformation, and abundance. My mission is sustainable growth in wealth and to democratize access to financial literacy. I aim to break systemic stigmas around talking about money using emotional intelligence and healing to address root causes (not just symptoms) around financial problems.

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